Recent Thoughts

It’s ok for some stones to be left unturned.

If you’re genuinely not interested don’t push yourself to do it (in my case, skydiving).

I own lots of expensive things and preach about the virtue of buying for life, but misplace stuff all the time. Yikes.

Within limits, cold water is actually your friend.

It’s important to have your own thing” while studying abroad to avoid having the same experience everyone else is having.

I’m not an early bird, not a late night owl, just a silly goose.

What if I come back from New Zealand and make a presentation where I preach the virtue of curiosity by comparing images of Washington nature to New Zealand nature and surprise” people with epic images from Washington to say this is all in your backyard and that you don’t need to go far to experience cool things.

I’m gonna make a video of my trip from the South Island with Non, je ne regrette rien playing in the background. It’s the perfect song and it’s gonna be an amazing edit.

September 10, 2023