The following is a verbatim transcription of a journal entry I made dated December 2021 at 10:27 PM.

The nonnegotiable week was a set of guidelines that I used to make sure that I stayed locked in” during finals week. These guidelines led to the most intense periods of focus I would have throughout the year.


  1. Exercise every day 30 minute minimum.
  2. cold showers preferably post workout
  3. Speaking of, wake up at six and sleep by 11 PM
  4. No processed sugar, and eat well. Three meals, a day, no exceptions.
  5. No naps. This is standard.
  6. Morning coffee.
  7. Cut down on music between classes. Not everything has to be connected at all times.
  8. brush your teeth, wash your face, and floss, like your crush is watching
  9. When it’s time to work, leave the dorm. Latest, you should be working at 10 PM.
  10. Check Hinge once a day. Choose your time wisely.
  11. Don’t watch porn.
  12. Drink eight bottles of my Brita water bottle per day.
  13. Communicate work expectations and deliver.
  14. Meditate for 10 minutes.
  15. Power of pre-setting. Make decisions frictionless
  16. Allow for 15 minutes to play the ukulele, and another 15 to write anything.
  17. Check social media once a day. Challenge is to not touch it at all, especially Twitter.
  18. Check with others, reach out to someone every day.
  19. Make decisions out loud.
  20. Try not to sit down for too long. Set a timer.
  21. Make simple decisions. Choose simple challenges.
  22. Above all be honest with yourself.
  23. No, watching TV unless it says a social activity.
  24. Eat two meals a day alone.
  25. Help.
  26. Call or text. Look forward to the holidays.
  27. Emails not urgent. Check it once or twice a day.
  28. Maintain cleanliness. Cleanliness is godliness.
  29. Reflect on the day.
  30. Carry-on for as long as possible.

April 8, 2024