Jonah Foss is a second-year student studying business administration and informatics at the University of Washington.

He is…

  • Developing this year’s Foster Leadership Academy programming as the student leadership development intern in the Office for Student Engagement, Leadership and Learning.
  • Responsible for club budgeting, fundraising, and operations as vice president of UWs recreational run club: Husky Run Club.
  • A founding member of the UW PMA (product, project and program management association).
  • An active member of professional business fraternity Delta Sigma Pi.

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Relevant coursework:

In Progress:
INFO 201: Technical Foundations of Informatics
ENTRE 370: Introduction to Entrepreneurship
B ECON 301: Managerial Economics


INFO 200: Intellectual Foundations of Informatics

ACCTG 225: Managerial Accounting
ACCTG 215: Financial Accounting
MGMT 300: Leadership and Organizational Behavior
MGMT 200: Business Law
ECON 201: Macroeconomics
ECON 200: Microeconomics

MATH 112: Business & Economics Calculus
MATH 111: Algebra with Applications
QMETH 201: Introduction to Statistical Methods

B CMU 301: Strategic Business Communication
ENG 213: Introduction to Postmodern Literature
ENG 131: Expository Composition
COM 302: The Cultural Impact of Information Technology
COM 200: Introduction to Communication