Code of Conduct

My lifestyle choices, codified.

Have less, but better. Measure twice, cut once. Do it, just because.

I am off of social media for the most part because it doesn’t fit into the kind of life I want to live. Sure it’s a little virtue-signally but they’re just things to check and for the most part I haven’t gained too much value out of them. Is LinkedIn a useful tool? Yes. Would I quit it if it mean that I could still find a stable career? Yes. Some tradeoffs are necessary.

Social media is not a fundamental technology. It leverages some fundamental technologies, but it’s better understood as… an entertainment product”. - Cal Newport

I am the proud owner of less because it simplifies things and I like the way it looks. It’s been instilled into me that there is only so much I can have before I am satiated, and I should likely follow something similar to stopping eating when 80% full, and never totally satiating my desire for inanimate objects.

It is only ignorant people who wish to arrange things in complete sets. -Yoshida Kenko

I wake up early because I like the morning quiet. The stillness gives me time to start my day slowly and re-align myself with what I think is important before being bombarded by the minds and interests of others.

I read because the return on value is mind-blowing and it’s an intimate personal experience. An author traps facts or personal sentiment about a topic that they care enough about in the amber of words by spending all-consuming years of their life iterating and revising until they feel that their creation feels complete enough to share with the world. I will eat my hat if there is something more personal than that.

I run because it is something that is easy to do for its own sake. Of course it comes with side benefits like staying in shape and has opportunities for competition and acclaim, but the seemingly contradictory sense stillness it provides me is something I care immensely about and is something I am willing to put money behind.

December 4, 2022