What is it that I care about?

The other day I was writing a cover letter, and ended up diving way deeper than I was anticipating. What started as a surface level elevator pitch turned into an exploration of why it is that I am doing all of this career stuff”.

Here’s the four part framework:

My experiences of social media addiction and online misinformation have made me realize that the effects of internet based technology are not additive, but transformative. Rather than just augmenting how we learn, work, and socialize, these technologies have created and made entire systems obsolete.

My surroundings
Many of my peers and society at large have found it difficult to regulate their use of internet technologies that leverage our psychological desires for profit, and are made to feel increasingly isolated by tools that purport increased connectivity and fulfillment.

My beliefs
I believe that it is possible to develop technology that serves to enhance and accelerate the pursuit of personal values over the exploitation of instant gratification for profit.

My work
This drives me to support the development of technology that carefully encourages purposeful, fulfilling interpersonal relationships and intentional decision making.

I’m excited for this specificity to guide me in the career decisions that I make for the next few years.

November 21, 2022