If you’re browsing this page it means you probably want to know more about me. Wish granted.

The short of it

Hi, I’m Jonah (he/him). Undergraduate at the University of Washington and part-timer at Fiveable in Product Operations.

I’m working to use technology to encourage purposeful interpersonal relationships and intentional decision making.

Fighting the good fight, documenting the mundane, restating the obvious, and having fun.

The long of it

I was raised in a multicultural household in the suburbs of Seattle, nestled between the city to the west and the mountains to the east. My career aspirations included becoming a cashier, weatherman, and a high school social studies teacher.

Working in tech or business felt like a far off job prospect, but in February 2021 I was fortunate enough to be referred to a small startup’s job board. I applied to their internship program, and within the month left my barista job to begin working remotely.

From there I was able to narrow the scope of my career interests to ideating and developing digital products, while at the same time learning more about minimalism, productivity, and simple living. From these experiences, I derived my career goal to support the development of technology that supports a more intentional life.

I believe we need infrastructure that encourages careful and purposeful interactions with with each other, especially in the digital age. Steve Jobs described the computer as a bicycle for the mind– I like to think I’m building the training wheels.

When I’m not practicing that career elevator pitch, I like finding new places to drink coffee, going on long runs/hikes, and scrolling around on Pinterest for cool graphic design inspiration.

I appreciate owning less stuff but really loving the stuff I do own. I try and buy things for life, to a fault and can’t stand 99% of corporate-branded merchandise. Not a fan of big logos and have been described as both endearingly, and unapologetically weird.