If you’re browsing this page it means you probably want to know more about me. Wish granted.

The short of it

Hi, I’m Jonah (he/him). I’m taking a year off from my business degree at the University of Washington to study abroad in New Zealand and intern at Samsara and Starbucks.

My career has focused on reducing wasted time and redundant work in companies by streamlining connections between people, resources, and information.

The long of it

I grew up in the suburbs, nestled between Seattle and the Cascade Mountains. In February 2021, I joined a small education-tech startup after quitting my job at Starbucks and began working remotely.

Over the 2.5 years that I was at this startup, I narrowed my career focus from administrative support to customer support to product operations, and am working towards a career in project/product management.

I’ve also worked as a freelance product marketer, creating Notion templates and coordinating social media campaigns for companies with AI products.

Outside of work, I’m excited by introspective conversations, well-designed household goods, nature photography, and distance running. My Japanese and Norwegian heritage is a large part of my identity, and am actively looking for opportunities to learn more about each culture.